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: in a moment we will take you to the floor of the u.s. house of representatives. by the way, the senate judiciary committee is holding another hearing on the fbi. robert mullen will be among those testifying. the debt commission is holding its first public hearing -- fourth public hearing with alan simpson, coverage online at c- thank you for being with us on this wednesday. we will take you to the floor of the house, enjoy the rest of your day. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] . the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., july 28, 2010. i hereby appoint the honorable ed pastor to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: this morning the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, pastor shawn black, calvary chapel, costa mesa, california. the chaplain: dear lord god of heaven, we thank yo
's u.s. ambassador about the airliner crash that killed 152 people, and she examines u.s./pakistani relations after the leak of thousands of secret military documents. >> ifill: we ask environmental engineer nancy kinner to track what's happened to the oil in the water. 100 days after the gulf disaster. >> lehrer: and spencer michels tells the story of a one-man mission to help clean up the oil in louisiana. >> a private individual has taken it upon himself to try to protect the barrier islands in the gulf of mexico. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the engine that zero emission technologies to breathing a little easier, while taking 4.6 million truckloads off the road every year. bnsf, the engine that connects us. and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting
reconnaissance aircraft and radars. on the eastern side of the korean peninsula, a u.s.-south korea naval drill began on sunday in the sea of japan following north korea's alleged sinking of the south's warship. north korea has denounced the move. china has expressed concern about the possibility of another u.s.-south korean military drill in the yellow sea in its vicinity, saying such a move would heighten tension. >>> north korea has denounced japan's participation in the u.s.-south korean joint military drills. north korea's committee for the peaceful reunification of korea issued a statement on tuesday. it says the united states and south korea are trying to form a military confederation triangle by winning japan over to their side. the statement also said that war flames would spread to the whole of northeast asia ignited by the three countries. four officers from the japanese maritime self-defense force are participating as observers in the four-day joint naval exercise from sunday near the korean peninsula. it's the first time that japanese self-defense force officers have taken part in
obama led a chorus of concern over the huge disclosure of classified u.s. military documents about the war in afghanistan. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, two takes on the document dump. first, senators jack reed and kit bond assess what it could mean for the war effort. >> lehrer: then, judy woodruff talks to david leigh of the "guardian" and media watcher alex jones on the journalism impact. >> ifill: holly pattenden of "business monitor international" in london looks at the corporate shake-up at b.p. >> lehrer: tom bearden reports from the alabama gulf coast on kenneth feinberg and the complicated mission of compensation. >> and the lead is still tied up they still compensation hasn't been forth coming. >> when i was a young person working in these places, didn't see a way out. and i certainly didn't think the way out would be this. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corpor
on all that's gone wrong. mounting u.s. casualties, civilian casualties, afghan government corruption and claims that pakistan is helping the taliban. >> the fact is the revelation of these documents, these raw reports, really brings to the for all of the core challenges that we've been facing in afghanistan for a number of years. >> reporter: the war funding bill now goes to the president for his signature, but it only funds the war for a few months so another big battle over paying for the war in afghanistan is just around the corner, katie. >> couric: this question probably reflects what a lot of americans are wondering given the fact that the u.s. gives pakistan billions of dollars in aid every year. that is, can pakistan even be called a partner at this point? >> well, despite all those claims in the wikileaks documents the white house says yes. number one they say because relations have improved significantly over the last year. number two, they say because no other country has done as much to help the united states eliminate al qaeda terrorists from the battlefield. katie. >> c
, ice removed a record 380,000 illegal immigrants from the u.s. and today, we learned nearly 90 illegal immigrants wanted in connection with a variety of crimes were arrested during a three-day sweep in northern virginia and dc last month. all 87 had committed crimes or ignored orders to leave this country. the u.s. marshal service and the u.s. immigrations officials all took part in that operation. >> meantime, arizona's brand- new immigration law is set to take effect tomorrow, but it will do so without some of its mor controversial provisions. samantha hayes has more on a u.s. district judge's decision to block key parts of that measure. >> just a day before arizona's controversial immigration law goes into effect, a u.s. district judge has issued a ruling. applauded by the obama administration temporarily blocking the most con ten shows provision of the new law. arizona governor who signed the law in april says the preliminary injunction will be appealed. >> it's a pump in the road. we knew regardless of what happened today, one side or the other side was going to appeal. so this
battle ground for u.s. troops in afghanistan. we're talking to one expert who says the intelligence leaks are more damaging than suicide bombings. and from the rig explosion that killed 11 people to the oil spill that damaged a way of life for thousands of coastal neighborhoods, the crisis reaches day 100 and a new criminal investigation is under way. hello, i'm chris jansing. and less than 12 hours before arizona's controversial anti-immigration law was to go into effect, a judge has ruled to block the most controversial parts of it. still, protestors have been gathering in arizona. at least one sheriff there plans to go ahead with a planned round-up of illegals, and more court battles are sure to follow. pete williams joins us now. and pete, give us the headlines for this ruling. >> you know, this ruling is based on one thing that was not at the -- originally the main argument against him. what opponents said was this would force police to engage in racial profiling. the judge said this would preempt federal law, so the judge put a hold on the enforcement of the law while this issue ca
in washington. tonight, iranian president, ahmadinejad is accusing the u.s. and israel of preparing a military strike against at least two countries in the middle east in coming weeks. talking to state-run television today, ahmadinejad said that the logic world leaders are using to try to get iran to negotiate about the nuclear program through sanctions is "just a failure." hour, in that same interview, the iranian president said his country is now ready to sit down for new talks without preconditions in september. a mixed message, to say the least. in an exclusive interview with me today, israeli defense minister responded directly. i asked him, first, for the response to this ahmadinejad statement references the u.s. and israel: "they have decided to lunch attacks when the next three months on two countries in our region on at least two countries." including the second one, well, i don't know, i cannot explain and do not understand what he said. he is telling the world we cannot coerce anyone into anything. (inaudible) i prefer not to judge him upon what he said but upon what he is doing. b
, a man who knows afghanistan and pakistan well and who the u.s. military is increasingly listening to. >> i think one of general mcchrystal's legacies is that the elders really felt that we were there to listen and help them. although he was called the architect of the kandahar operation, which means hope in pashto, which was supposed to materialize, he, by the means of the elders, was advised not to do this operation. >> charlie: pakistan's ambassador to the united states, and greg mortenson. next. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. ♪ >> additional funding provided by these funders. >> and by bloomberg. a provider of multimedia captioning sponsored by rose cmunications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: in the first public reaction, today, to the leaking of the documents about afghanistan and pakistan, president obama said that he was concerned about the leaks but there was no new information coming from them. >> while i'm concerned about the disclosure of sensitive information from the battlefield that could potentially jeopar
frontier province. mr. chairman, i'm concerned that using the war powers act to call for the removal of u.s. combat forces which do not exist will only serve to inflame pakistan's sensibilities and do nothing to strengthen the partnership that we need to achieve our goals in this critical region. i urge my colleagues to oppose the resolution and reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from ohio. >> with all due respect to my good friend from california, special operations troops are inside of pakistan right now. three troops have died, maybe they didn't intend to be hostile, but somebody intended hostilities towards them. mr. kucinich: there's no question about the hostile climate. what i'm trying to do here with the help of mr. paul is to stop expanding the u.s. forces' footprint in pakistan so that we stop an expanding war. i yield two minutes to the gentleman from north carolina, mr. jones. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. jones: mr. speaker, thank you very much, and i thank the gentleman from
.p. began polluting the gulf of mexico and u.s. coastline, the company has a new leader and new strategy. the company's new chief executive, bob dudley, said change is coming, even though he's a longtime b.p. insider. >> we're going to learn a lot, and the industry's going to learn a lot, and there's no question that we will change as a company and from those learnings. >> reporter: included in those changes is an accelerated plan to raise cash by selling b.p.'s non-core assets, or less than 10% of the company's total business. the company is guessing it will need $32 billion to cover costs and liabilities from the spill, well below some worst-case estimates of $60 billion. still, analyst cathy milostan says, by disposing of assets b.p. hopes to show investors it can pay for the mess. >> we're starting to see what i call building blocks of being able to demonstrate that there is cash that they can access to cover oil spill costs. the issue here is, there's still a good deal of uncertainty as to what the future costs could be. that uncertainty continues to dog b.p.'s stock. the shares hav
york to break down the numbers from the u.s. census bureau. carter? >> reporter: so get this. here is the number of americans who own their homes. it is 66.9% right now. that is the lowest number since 1999. the paeg was 69.2% in 2004. doesn't sound like a big difference percentagewise but that's millions and millions of homes. that was the housing boom in 2004. remember that? money was cheap and easy to get. now everybody is unemployed. they can't pay their bills. homes are getting foreclosed on. and they are flooding the market. nearly 19 million homes were vacant in the second quarter. this counts homes for sale and, if foreclosures. many people are coping by moving in with family or renting. expiration of first time home buyer is hurting. second lowest pace on record. home prices are back where they were in 2003. the bottom line right now is that homeownership is not guaranteed very many it once was. during the housing boom, many people were looking at their home primarily as an investment. not a place that they were going to live for 30 years or more. i think that perspective
more to cover the costs of the largest oil spill in u.s. history. and bp says it will claim a tax credit for the cost of the clean-up and that could cost taxpayers about $10 billion. betty, we'll see how that goes over. >> yeah, we shall see. tara mergener joining us live in washington. thank you. >>> also in the gulf of mexico, workers are battling a new oil spill. 100-foot plume of oil and natural gas is spewing from a well head just off the louisiana coast after being struck by a passing barge on tuesday. clean-up crews already in the area laid boom around the site and it's hoped the well can be recapped quickly. >>> after months of delay in congress an emergency military funding bill is on its way to president obama. mr. obama asked for the nearly $59 billion measure in february. mostly to pay for the extra 30,000 u.s. troops he sent to afghanistan. passed by the house tuesday, it pushes the cost of the wars in iraq and afghanistan to over $1 trillion. >>> and as the cost of the afghanistan war mount, public support for it continues to decline. even before the wikileaks websit
in penalties will be payable to the u.s. government. >> one of the criticisms is that, after the explosion, you were a bit to focus on the financial impact and not on the human tragedy of the individuals who lost their lives. >> in every crisis, there are things of that i could have done differently. once we are through all of this, we can look back and draw conclusions and learn from this. >> no questions at all, please. >> if the blow on the right cannot answer questions about the bp future, maybe those who have pension funds should worry. >> another story that involves bp, the u.s. senate committee investigating the release of the only man convicted of the lockerbie bombing has put off the hearing is scheduled for thursday. robert menendez, who was about to take care, has announced the postponement because key witnesses have refused to appear. he was very critical. >> it is utterly disappointing. it is pretty outrageous that's none of the key witnesses will cooperate with our request to answer questions before the senate foreign relations committee. the have stonewalled. each side has claime
and george bush's in patients. he is the executive chairman of the u.s. and monetary inspection commission until june 2003. they told us that he believed iraq did have wmd. >> i felt that iraq retains weapons of mass destruction. i did not say so publicly. i said it perhaps to mr. belair privately, but not publicly. >> he said he believed the controversial british dossier was plausible, but critical of the way the intelligence services relied on the evidence of iraqi defections. >> they should have realized in london and washington that their sources were pork. they want to get a reward for intelligence so they try to give what interrogators want to hear. >> president bush believed in force rather than diplomacy. >> i think the u.s. was high on military. they felt they could get away with that. >> he believed tony blair and genuinely hope to the inspections would work in the military action would be avoided. >> i never questioned the good faith of mr. blair. what i questioned was a good judgment of bush. >> he told the inquiry one month before the invasion he warned tony blair things had c
lost. mexico also won as did the 11 million illegal immigrants who live in the u.s. who feared this law would spread to states across the country. let me tell you the most controversial aspects of this bill that the judge struck down. number one, the requirement that police obtain the immigration status of anyone they suspect -- reasonably suspect is in this country illegally. number two, the judge struck down a provision that required illegal immigrants to carry papers. she made it a state crime to be in the u.s. illegally. what remains is this, laws basically preventing the harboring and transportation of the illegal immigrants as well as a prohibition against sanctuary laws, not expected to have a big impact. shepard? >> all right, william live for us. what's the reaction from the governor there, william? >> well, governor jan brewer whose popularity soared with her backing of this bill, she criticized the decision. >> they need to step up, the feds do, and do the job that they have the responsibility to do for the people of america and for the people of arizona. >> as for what's
and alerting the crews at the scene of a crime. it may seem like an unlikely duet in philadelphia, the former u.s. secretary of state, condoleezza rice and aretha franklin, getting together for charity. she accompanied the queen of soul in one of her best known songs and raising money for the privilege children -- underprivileged children. good to have you with us on bbc world news. still to come, misery and highland horror, choosing victims carefully. doctors have warned that an obesity epidemic is putting thousands of pregnant mothers and their unborn babies at risk. new device is being issued about managing weight during and after pregnancy for women to reduce the chances of diabetes, high blood pressure, and miscarriage. >> kate gave birth to her son four weeks ago with a relatively straightforward pregnancy. with a body maxed index over 30, she was considered obese. >> i tried to stick to the healthy diet as much as possible. you find that as you lose no weight and become bigger it is disheartening. >> these pregnant woman were taking part in a exercise class, the kind of activity encouraged
. >> no children should be living away from the parents. >> this is the children's march, and these are u.s. citizen children. there are 500 u.s. citizen children representing 4 million u.s. citizen children in this country with one or more parents that is undocumented, either been deported, in deportation, or living in fear of deportation. >> nobody should be separated from their family. >> my parents are illegal immigrants and are treated like criminals, and that's not fair. they are only here to work hard and have done it so far for 22 years. i don't see any reason they should go to jail. >> unfortunately, obama administration in spite of rhetoric and stance increased enforcement since the bush administration. we have now over 1100 people a day arrested and deported. most of them have families. that means that between 1,000 and 2000 u.s. citizen children see a father or mother taken away, arrested, by armed men, every day. >> reporter: reverend coleman calling those children of deported illegals obama orphans. no telling whether their protest today will inspire the president to ease up a
the leaking of u.s. documents that accused pakistan intelligence of hoping insurgents in afghanistan. >> india and pakistan have a very complicated relationship. with the prime minister of britain to make this a statement in india seems to suggest partiality. >> this is not the first time david cameron has indulged in plain talking on foreign soil. yesterday's description of gaza as a prison camp was frank, too. he is establishing his own reputation in britain as well. on the ground in delhi, it is clear that pakistan will be on the table on talks between the prime minister and his indian counterpart tomorrow. david cameron has shown he is not shy of trying to set the agenda. bbc news. >> 100 days since the deep water horizon rig exploded in the gulf of mexico and triggered the worst oil spill in american history. oil is now clearing from the surface of the ec faster than expected, according to experts. -- from the start se of starta -- from the surface of the sea. st8 b)people have been killed n roadside bomb. it is thought nato forces were patrolling the area. french police have found the b
show that u.s. commanders, task force 373, carried out counterinsurgency missions in the german area of afghanistan. it is unclear what role german forces played. >> these are three things that are normally classified, but are made to all parties. if you want information about task force 373, then you will have to ask another country. >> but opposition lawmakers want to know if all necessary information on the afghan mission was released to parliament before it was voted to extend the mission. >> on the upside, germany's deutsche bank and the swiss banks are up in the last quarter of 2010. but the economic crisis has not left germany's biggest bank unscathed. here's a look at where the downturn has left this month. >> the lion's share of deutsche bank's profit normally comes in the investment division. in the past, this has accounted for as much as 90% of the gains. but in the second quarter, it was just half of that. instead, the bank's performance was buoyed by the fact edit had to said -- by the fact that it had to set aside profits to keep the bank afloat. ubs of switzerland did
,000 for the chevy volt and for the nissan. we will get your calls in a moment. this from "the new york times," "u.s. military chief is pressing the iraqis to end the deadlock to the rest in securities gains. nearly five months after the elections in march ended without a decisive leader, the leaders of political blocs are divided over staying in power for a second term. many politicians say that the impasse could extend after more than seven years of war, reducing the number of troops to more than 50,000 by the end of august. " another energy related story this morning, "on the surface the oil spill in the gulf is vanishing fast." it says "the oil slick in the gulf of mexico appears to be dissolving far more rapidly than anyone expected. a piece of good news that raises tricky new questions about how best bet big government should scaled-back its response." also this morning on the front page of "usa today," "closures in three areas, almost all of the beaches closed from the spill have been clustered in three areas of louisiana. this is the 20th annual report conducted by the national research defe
sensitive information on afghan informants critical to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. "the times" spent just two hours going through the wikileaks papers and found the name of dozens of afghans crafted with providing detailed intelligence to u.s. forces. this is the wikileaks co-founder yulian assange. >> if they are at risk, this would be because of a misclassification by the u.s. military itself. >> now, the pentagon has launched a full-blown investigation to try to find the source of those leaks. while investigators focus on private first class bradley manning, pentagon officials tell nbc news thousands of military and civilian personnel have exactly the same security clearance and could become the next wikileaks source. nbc mike viqueira is live at the white house for us. mike, the administration has been pldownplaying these leaks t this suggests the identities of dozens of afghan informants compromised. what are they saying about that? >> the last we heard is robert gibbs at the press briefing and yesterday we did hear from the president himself who emerged from a meeting with cong
our borders is as heated and uncertain as ever. and 100 days of disaster. the worst oil spill in u.s. history marks a milestone. and we are asking the tough questions about how, why, so much oil seems to have vanished. wolf blitzer's off today. i'm suzanne malveaux. you're in the situation room. we begin in the gulf coast with the shocking turn of events that few of us would have imagined just a hundred days ago. we watched millions of barrels of oil gush into the water week after week but now bp and federal officials are not finding a whole lot of oil left on the water. so should residents celebrate or worry that there is still hidden oil out there? our cnn's rob marciano is in fort pickens, florida. what do you see? >> reporter: well, you know, even on the beach we're still seeing some tar in spots but the key about what's happening out there in the gulf waters is that the well has been capped now for almost two weeks so if you think it was gushing at 50,000 barrels a day, that's, you know, over a half million barrels of oil that hasn't spewed into the gulf in the last 12 days. tha
disorders. thee come from starbucks, target and atms. >> boardwalk is named one of the 10 bess u.s. boardwalks by a popuuar travel website. the list was compiled by sherman's travel. a site focusing on trip ideas. the 2 and a half mile stretch is full of restaurants, shops, amuseeent, night life and hotel3 >> another hot day. great time to be at the beach. with weather like thii. chief meteorologist ytas reid is here to tell us what that weekend forecast is starting to look like. >> yeah, it looks good actually. you mentioned ocean city..3 %-decent weekend. but talk about what is happening right now. nice day out there today. plenty offsunshine. comfortable temperatures in the mid to upper 80s it looks like dry conditions right now on the radar. bbcause of high pressure, nearby. looking at 80 downtownú baltimore. 70s out lying areas. and ww will continne to see those temperatures inch up a bit tomorrow. starting at 75. some sun and clouds by the afternoon. 89 around lunch time. but see low 90ss more humidity back in play. and then also a chance of isolatee shower or thunnerstorm.
sensitive information on afghan informants who are critical to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. the times of london spent two hours going through the wiki leaks and found the names of dozens of afghans credited with providing detailed intelligence to u.s. forces. the cofounder. >> if there those names there and they are at risk, this would be the cause of the classification by the u.s. military. he is saying they should have been under highly classified information instead of high classification. the pentagon launched a full-blown investigation to find the source of the leaks while investigators focus on bradley manning. pentagon officials told us thens of military and civilian personnel have the same clearance. they could be wiki leaks fores now or in the future. >> rod blagojevich shifts to the hands of the jury today at his corruption trial. he never took the stand despite promises he would. john yang following the trial in chicago. here we are at the final stage. is there a prediction about how long it will take the jury to come back with a decision? >> reporter: it's hard to tell, co
the white house by immigrant families and their supporters. [ speaking in spanish ] >> these are u.s. citizen children, 500 u.s. citizen children, representing 4 million citizen children in this country who have one or more parents undocumented, who have either been deported or in deportation or living in fear of deportation. >> nobody should be separated from the family. no children should be living away from the parents. >> my parents are illegal immigrants and they are treated like criminals and that's not fair. they are only here to work hard, and they've done this so far for 22 years. and i don't see any reason they should go to jail. >> unfortunately obama administration in spite of rhetoric and stance has increased enforcement since the bush administration. we have over 1100 people a day arrested and deported. most of these people have families. that means that between 10,002,000 u.s. citizen children -- 1,000 and 2000 u.s. citizen children see their parents taken by armed men every day. >> reporter: reverend coleman and others call those children of deported illegals obama o
. >> when i run, whatever is going on, i feel better. >> she's one of 40 million cancer survivors in the u.s. for that reason, exercise is released by the american guidance of sports medicine. >> they are safe for people undergoing treatment. they are safe for people who finish their treatment. >> the guidelines are consistent with those for the general public, for moderate and vigorous activity. >> do something. find something you like to do. >> survivors may need some precaution, depending on the particular treatment and the site of the cancer, may need to slow down the exercise. >> don't push yourself. if you don't feel like it, don't worry about. see how you feel the next day. >> the main, avoid inactivity. i'm susan hendricks. >> right now for the ballpark for a baseball game that usually means the concession stands. before you grab the popcorn, number is being hit with food violations. how the food in camden yard and the stadium is ranked in the study. >> get ready to pop swap. it's a chance to clean your closet and earn cash for outgrown or never worn children's items. tomorrow is the
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